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"Due to the complexity of rural poverty we have organized our activities into a 360 model which addresses the three main challenges"

Subsistence farmers usually work in isolated family groups, using traditional farming methods passed down from generation to generation which limits their ability to harness economies of scale to boost farm profitability. We provide 3 course training to build capacity on:

a) Organisational skills: To enable members who are used to working in isolation work productively as a team being accountable to and supporting each other.
b) Business skills: To equip farmers who have never run any for-profit venture with basic business skills to enable them run a profitable farming project
c) Technical agricultural skills: To train farmers on modern piggery techniques that will enable them to compete favourably with commercial farms.

We offer a start-up loan to each member of the group depending on the farmer’s capacity. This loan finances a start-up kit containing all necessary factors of production including a pregnant sow, low cost quality feed, veterinary supplies and services.

Using a single seller model, we create a single block of produce from all farmer groups, linking it directly to premium markets thereby disrupting the exploitative middle market increasing the bargaining power of the farmer.

meet the team

This is the 3Pen Initiative.

Three Pen Initiative envisions an Africa where every farmer lives a dignified life. We believe the African farmer has the potential to not only put food on the table but also the ability to compete favorably with factory farms. This can be done by leveraging new farming technologies to boost productivity and quality of produce thereby accessing new markets that they could not be reached before. We bring together vulnerable farmers transforming them into formidable change agents equipping them with modern farming techniques, access to high quality inputs, and linkage to premium markets. We intend to set up a sustainable farming model that breaks their cycle of poverty, build up their resilience and enable them to adopt to constant changes in micro economic factors.

Charlene Ssali-Cofounder

Building up the resilience of the African Farmer